How Computer Came Into Existence?


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There is no one person who created the computer. It came about out of necessity. The Chinese started with the abacus around 3000bc, In the 1600's Pascal invented a counting device that acted like a calculator. Then Blaise (I think) came out with a loom used for counting.

Around 1890, a man named Hollerith used punched cards with a loom type device that produced information. This was used for the US Census and enabled the census to be completed in four years instead of 10.

During WW11, there were national military and government installations thwt had machines that gathered informatioin. However, there was no unified standard. It was the need for security and accurate information (like what happenned at Pearl Harbor) that caused the scientific and business areas to get involved. Thus came UNIVAC.

IBM got involved and developed a home computer. But they did kind of kept to the business side of things. Computers like Atari, Commodore and Apple came about. And then the real competition started and some won and others were sold out or went broke. For instance, Bill Gates used the Apple GUI in order to develop Microsoft Windows.

While there is a lot more to this story, I hope this will give you a glimpse. For a richer knowledge go and goole "The origin of the Computer" or "History of the Computer"

ps my very first computer was the Atari because the Commodore 64 transformer wouldn't work at my home.

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