Can I Have The Dmv Permit Cheat Sheet So I Can Pass The Test?


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The DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles is the American state level government agency that issues driving licences to those who have passed their test. Each time a driver wishes to drive a new class of vehicle, a new licence must be obtained. Obviously, it is not legal to cheat during a driving test, either in the written stage or the practical stage, however there are plenty of things one can do to increase one's chances of passing the written stage of the examination. Practicing questions is always a good idea, and practice booklets can be bought from Amazon. In addition there are numerous websites helping drivers pass, here is one This provides a course to help a student learn the theory part of the driving test. There is more information on the DMV and the licensing laws here: and
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Yes you can.  Just go to and get the cheat sheet for your state.  It's printable and you can study it while waiting your turn.  They also have online practice tests.
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Check out:

This site is totally free. No charges.

And they don't ask for e-mail addresses or anything else. A lot of questions, not just samples.
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The best way is to use the questions published at They cover everything in the drivers manual. Some qs are tricky, but by reading comments and compare with the the manual you are very likely to pass the first time. Everyone I know used this site and had no problems passing.

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Ohk most of it is just common sense like what colors a recreation sign it brown we all know that so focus on what you really need to remember like the 2 second rule I'm from iowa and I took the test 5 times before I passed but after the 4th time shes like your missing the same questions over and over study them because everything else is memorized so I went home studied um went back took it again and didnt miss a singlee one=)
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If you cannot pass the test for the learners permit, then by all means, you do not deserve to drive at all. Its just that easy
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I bet it is easy after reading the book. but when you go there to give a test the question they ask is not even in the book to learn. no wonder everyone is asking for a cheat sheets.

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