Where Can I Purchase Fake Sonogram Photos?


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Whatever your reasons for wanting to purchase a fake sonogram photo, it is almost impossible to create an exact replica of the real thing. While it may be possible to use an image from the internet and then Photoshop your own details onto the picture, you will not be able to replicate the right paper. Some websites claim to sell realistic fake sonogram photos (, but a thorough inspection will quickly make it obvious that it is not genuine. Sonograms are printed on x-ray film that is very heavy and has no paper on it, there is no way that you can produce an image on this type of film without the correct x-ray equipment. Faking pregnancies is more common than you might think, and anyone considering doing so should talk to someone about how they’re feeling. The long-term repercussions of carrying out such a complex fakery can be very severe.

Sonograms, or ultrasounds, are used to visualise the foetus in a mother’s womb. It is a standard, safe procedure carried out during a woman’s pregnancy and can give a wide range of information about the health of the baby and mother. The most common sonograms are carried out by placing a transducer on the mother’s stomach. Sonograms can help detect any abnormalities during the pregnancy, often ones that can have prenatal treatment. These abnormalities can include organ anomaly or disorders such as Downs Syndrome.

Initially a sonogram can be used to date the estimated gestational age. The heartbeat of a foetus can be detected by a sonogram as early as six weeks after gestation. The sex of a baby can be determined in a scan at approximately 16 weeks or 20 weeks, this may depend on the quality of the ultrasound machine and the skill of the sonographer. Women who are at risk of premature birth can have a sonogram of the cervix to determine the likelihood of the baby arriving early.
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I am searching because I think this girl is lying and I wanted to see how easy it was to obtain one and how real they look...she is 18 and I could see how she would be immature and make one up.

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