What Is The Herpes Treatment And What Medicines Should Be Used To Stop This Virus?


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Scientist and researchers are researching on many medicines which may provide faster treatment for curing Herpes.Medicines and Vaccines.

Herpes medicines are presently being explored and it is experienced that a valuable medicine might be available with in 3 to 5 years. These medicines will only use for the new patients in order to stop the infection. But for people who already are suffering for this disease most probably won't get any benefit.

Vaccines for Polio, Lupidon C and smallpox have been made to stop HSV occurrence but had no visible / clear effects.Most countries around 56 have approved Isoniplex (Isoprinosine) for prevention of antiviral action of HSV. In US is still working on Isoniplex .

There is no specific medicine used for the treatment of Herpes but there are some drugs which reduce the occurrence and interval of occurrence. When you are infected by this virus try to clean the specific portion and keep it dry. It will speed up the natural process of healing. Try to wear loss undergarment, or undergarments made of cotton will help the air to pass through. Avoid creams because most of them cause irritation. try to take proper food and take proper rest. Exercise can also be good, ask the therapist for different exercises he will guide you well.
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It can be treated permanent

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How about keeping it zipped in your pants...

Or keeping your legs closed.

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