Do All Air Conditioners Have 15 Amps? Or Do Some Come With Less?


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All the Air conditions do not have 15 Amps (amperes) to work. The Amps means the volume of flow of electricity. The Amps depends on its BTU (British Thermal Unit). BTU is the unit to measure the energy that is consumed to perform some Air Conditioner. 12000 BTU Air conditioners uses 5 to 6 Amps. 18000 BTU Air conditioners uses 9 to 10 Amps. 12000 BTU air conditioners also called 1 Ton AIR CONDITIONER and 18000 BTU Air conditioners are called 1.5 Ton and so on. The 2 Ton or 24000 BTU Air conditioners use 15 Amps to work.

Which Air condition we select, it depends upon our requirements. If we have large room or hall then we must have 24000 Air conditioners. The environmental effect is also considerable. The countries where the temperature is high the higher units are used. Then comes the choice of the type of the Air conditioner. The window unit, the split unit, the wall mounted unit and the ceiling unit. The type also depends on where we want to use the air conditioner.

Before purchasing the air conditioner it is better that we consult an expert to can the exact idea about the type and size of the air conditioner to be used.

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