What Are Plotters?


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A plotter is an output device that is designed primarily to produce charts, drawings, maps, three dimensional illustration, and other forms of hard copy. Plotters work by a variety of technologies. The two most common types of plotters in use today are ink-jet plotters and electrostatic plotters. At the low-cost end of the plotter market are ink-jet plotters. Ink-jet technology has dropped dramatically in price in recent years, and the popularity of these plotters has surged as a result. Many of them roll out paper over a space-saving drum like mechanism. While others use cut sheets stored in a feeder tray.

Virtually all ink-jet pointers, can also double as plotters, users with specialized graphics needs say, an engineer who produces oversized drawings may want to consider ink-jet devices targeted principally to commercial plotting rather than general purpose desktop applications. By far, most plotters are of the ink-jet type today. Electrostatic plotters define the faster and more expensive end of the plotter market. These widely used devices create images with a toner bed similar of that of a photocopying machine, but instead of light pulses, they use a matrix of tiny wires to charge the paper with electricity. When the charged paper passes over the toner bed, the toner adheres to it and products an image.

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