What Is The Rarest Pokemon You Can Get Fishing?

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I think that would be F
eebas, which is pretty rare.

<<-- Feebas Water Type

The picture of this water pokemon looks pretty ugly right?
Well, as it happens it evolves into the beautiful Milotic.
Just as well, you can't catch a Milotic, good luck if you want one- it's found on Route 119, on 4 specific tiles that change daily. Any rod will do I think- although rumours are a specific rod could be used...
If you want more info and hints try this: : It might help. Remember Route 119 (only on Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald). Good luck should you attempt to catch it...

<<-- Milotic Dragon Type
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Probably Feebas.
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You can't get arceus fising, I can become a water type with the splash plate but it stays at mt.cornet.
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The rarest Pokemon you can get fishing is Feebas.
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Arceus . . . Duh

Arceus: Level 100
J you d g e m e n t
R o a r   o f   T I m e
S p a c I a l   R e n d
S h a d o w   F o r c e
Damian 1,000,000 moule Profile
Feebas & magikarp

1. Feebas because there is a 1% chance you will encounter him.

2. Magikarp because it can be found at levels 30-99 in the resort area.

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